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Blanket yarn exporters India is the top industry of woolen runs by Jindal Woolen Industries Ltd. We introduce ourselves as manufactures of acrylic Blanket Yarn, Woolen Yarn, Woollen Blankets for the military, institutional, relief use, regenerated acrylic blankets and pulled fiber from India.
The company has its own manufacturing and dyeing facility which are capable of supplying any quality product demanded by customers with timely delivery and most competitive price.
M/s JINDAL WOOLLEN INDUSTRIES LIMITED are Manufactures and Exporter of Blanket Yarn (Recycled), Acrylic Fiber and Cleaned Cashmere Clips from India. It’s a sister concern of Panipat based “Jindal Industries” engaged in manufacturing Blanket Yarn for Last 21 years. The company manufactures High-Quality Blanket Yarn for many blanket manufacturing factories all over the World. The company has all manufacturing process in-house, from its manufacturing to dyeing facility and weaving to packing with all the latest technologies available in the World, which enables us to supply quality products demanded by are Valuable Customers and ensuring them timely deliveries with most competitive prices. The Company supports rigorous Quality Control Checks and Standards on the Production and Packing of Products to be delivered.

“The Company Believes in Best Quality through Rigorous Quality Checks and International Standards”

The Company engaged in Manufacturing and Exporting of Blanket Yarn, formerly known as JINDAL INDUSTRIES, Panipat, A Well Renowned name in Textile Woollen Industry of India. The company manufacturers Blanket Yarn for Blanket Manufacturing factories all over the World. The company has all manufacturing process in-house Spinning, Weaving, Dyeing, Packing & Loading to Containers. The company has the latest manufacturing technologies available best in the World, enables to supply Quality Products in required Time Frame with the competitive scene to valuable customers.
Jindal Woollen Industries Ltd. shall consistently strive towards optimum productivity through Intelligent and Enlightening Team Work, Maintaining Positive Work Culture and by involving all Our Employees, Large Family of Customers, Suppliers, and Business Associates. Jindal Woollen Industries Ltd. shall endeavor for zero defect by incorporating the concept of “Do it right the first time”.
Jindal Woollen Industries Ltd. shall ultimately move towards Total Quality Management by continuous Training and Motivation of our Employees, with an attitude directed towards continuous striving for Improvement.

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