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Cashmere Blended Yarn


Cashmere Blended Yarn Manufacturers India

Cashmere Blended Yarn Manufacturers India. The company is producing one of the finest Cashmere Blended Yarn with International Standards, which is wholeheartedly accepted by the whole World. Our cashmere blended yarn comes as a blend of finest Quality wool and finest quality cashmere. This Cashmere Yarn provides enough Warmth and Softness as a pure Cashmere Yarn and is still much cheaper at Jindal Woollen Industries Limited. Cashmere blended yarn is One of the most luxurious natural fibers. It is the soft texture and lightweight yarn that has been a part of the textile industry since the 15th century when woollen cashmere shawls would craft for royal guests. It is obtained from the fibers of cashmere goats. It is unique from other yarns that provide good warmth and insulation. Cashmere is one of the most hight sought yarn after textile. We offer 100% high-quality custom cashmere blended yarn that is made from both natural and synthetic fibers.

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