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We have a varity of products to offer. sone of these are yarns blankets and cashmere wastes etc. Yarn Produced at Jindal Woollen Industries Limited is one of the finest in the quality with International Standards. The Company is capable of supplying around 100000 Blankets per month of different style & design in various categories. The company supply mutilated cashmere sweaters collected from old clothing by professional & experienced team by inspecting their labels and hand feel. These old sweaters are further sorted as per shades and process to regenerating fiber. Utmost care is taken about the fact that all the material processed is pure cashmere. Striped woollen rags are made out of old wool coats by removing all the pasting material and other material apart from the wool cloth in coats and jackets. This material contains 85% wool. Striped Woollen sweaters are made out of wool sweaters by removing selvedges and labels apart from the wool material in sweaters. This material is available in 3 compositions.

mink blankets

Some Of Our Featured Products

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